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    Hats and fashion, with fashion

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-02-25
    Today, when it comes to clothing accessories, hats are also one of the important accessories that women can't ignore. When you wear a stylish outfit and wear a hat with a vivid shape and a harmonious color, it will give you a bit of femininity and a touch of elegance in the elegant and elegant, thus showing the wearer's style. , taste and aesthetic ability.
    The color of the hat should be harmonized with the color of the clothing. If it is close to the main color of the clothing, it will give a fresh and elegant feeling; if it is contrasted with the color of the clothing, it will make people feel lively and healthy.
    The style and shape of the hat should match the costumes. Hats, clothing, scarves, gloves, jewellery, etc. should be integrated into one another, giving each other a harmonious and unified beauty.
    Hats of different colors and shapes give different visual effects. Therefore, when choosing a hat, you should choose a hat that suits you best according to your own shape.
    First of all, you should be clear about your own outlines. If your head is bigger than your body, don't choose a big hat. A small turban hat can balance your head and body size. Short and exquisite ladies should choose a medium-sized hard hat with a brim and a top. The hat on the top of the hat makes you look taller, but people who are too tall and too short can't wear a high cap, otherwise the taller ones are less coordinated and the shorter ones will look shorter.

    The wearing of the hat is also very particular. A hat that is worn on the top of the head makes the face look fuller, and a person with a very thin face should choose this type of wearing. The horizontal angle will make your face and chin appear wider. The obliquely worn hat forms a diagonal red that makes the face appear slender and is suitable for people with wider faces. The size of the hat must be appropriate. Too tight a hat can cause discomfort and even cause headaches. Too loose hats are easy to slip off and look funny. In order to put the hat tightly, you can sew the ribbon on the inner ring of the hat and add some padding to the ribbon; the hair style cannot conflict with the size of the hat and the edge of the cap. Usually, combing the short hair smoothly behind the head or putting a long knot on the long hair will make the hat look stylish and elegant.
    In addition to its decorative nature, the hat is also very practical. If you have a sun hat in the sun, the sun hat will shield you from the sun; in the cold winter, a woolen hat and a fur hat will protect your head from the cold wind.