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    Boy hat matching skills

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-02-22
    Buying a high quality hat with your own logo that suits you is actually the most important thing for your face. There are three different face types below, find your own.
    It is roughly a long face, a round face, a square face, and several types, and the most suitable match is as follows:
    1, long-faced hat: fisherman hat and other big hat hat, cover the forehead.
    Since the face is long, don't forget to leave Liu Haier. This year's super popular this big hat hat can be seen as a small face, but the narrow shoulders are carefully selected, and the upper body is thin and careful.
    2, round face Suitable hat: baseball cap, make the visual more slender.
    In fact, the round face with the newsboy hat and cap is quite suitable. "The round face full of childishness is very suitable for a baseball hat with a little naughty feeling. The whole body is a more popular style, matching the hat and having a sense of wholeness." The combination of the baseball cap makes the overall color tone less boring.
    3, square face suitable hat: fisherman hat
    Because the square face line is too hard, you can use a fisherman hat to soften the face lines. "The casual wear is matched with the hat, showing a casual feeling.
    if you want to know more information abouthigh quality hat with your own logo, you can visit our website.