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    Fitted Vs Adjustable Hats Which Is suitable for You

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-09-09

    Whether you're having a bad hair day or are just looking for that one staple item to finish a look, you're considering an accessory to top it off. One hat staple that every person can agree on is that a hat can finish off any look.

    There are a few basic things to consider when deciding on fitted or adjustable caps. Lets be clear on the major differences.

    Adjustable caps have a mechanism on the back to adjust the size and fit of the cap and also have an opening in the fabric above the mechanism. Most adjustable caps are “one size fits most.” Adjustable caps are usually cheaper than fitted caps.

    Read on to discover the differences between the adjustable vs fitted look, and explore the options that are right for you.

    Who wears adjustable caps?
    Lots of people like to adjust the size of their hats depending on different uses. For example they make their hats tighter when running in windy conditions.

    Parents and coaches like adjustable hats for their teams (little league, softball, etc.) because they don't have to worry about measuring and sizing each team member's head.

    Also, lots of women (and men) with long hair prefer adjustable hats because they can put their hair in a ponytail and stick it through the back opening of the cap which makes sports and other activities more comfortable.

    What are the different types of adjustable caps?
    A) Plastic snap
    B) Adjustable hook / loop tape (Velcro)
    C) Adjustable fabric tucks trap with slide closure
    D)Leather strap Antique Brass or Silver Buckle and Grommet

    Fitted caps have no mechanism to adjust the size of the cap and have closed backs, with no opening. They come in different sizes (XS to XXL depending on the item) and have stretchable fabric that wraps around your head. You should measure your head to make sure you get the best fit…like any other type of fitted clothing.

    Who wears fitted caps?
    FITTED Caps Are Not Adjustable
    Fitted caps are not adjustable, since they are fitted to head sizes, and therefore do not have closure types, the back of a fitted cap is closed.

    The fitted cap is more of a fashion throwback. Whilst it’s still a popular choice amongst some celebrities and sports stars today, because of its roots in old school American sports it’s more of a choice for old school heads. This means you’re less likely to see one in your local club than you are a snapback.

    Teams and leagues love fitted hats as part of their uniforms because of the tailored, clean look.

    Fashion oriented sports enthusiasts and individuals (including many celebrities) also like fitted caps because of their clean look and higher quality appearance…especially with flat visors or brims that have a more urban look.

    Now, you probably understand the difference between fitted and adjustable hats. In order to better let you choose your own style, Let’s look at 8 caps lovers’ comments on these two different styles.
    Tom P:I prefer the adjustable for one simple reason.....it's adjustable. Plus more styles and colors are available in the adjustable models.

    Michael L:I have a large hat size. The standard L-XL at retailers does not fit. They are also shallow and just don't cut it.
    Same for golf shoes and socks (size 1-14).
    Try to find these things at retail and you will grow frustrated.

    Mike A:Sometimes I like the adjustability of a hat; loosening a little in really hot weather helps. However, a fitted hat that fits just right is also a great feeling hat.

    Bob R:There's no 100% correct answer. Golf hats serve multiple purposes. In terms of looks andor style, fitted is best. On the other hand, flexibility "of fit" is a more practicle approach to the issue. On a windy day, it's necessary to tighten it and on a hot, muggy day, loosen it. I'll always opt for adjustable for those reasons. The exception being, an insulated winter hat with ear flaps.

    Yvonne C:I like adjustable, because I have a pony tail. I prefer velcro.

    Larry H:I prefer the adjustable as on windy days I can tighen up the fit and on hot days you can loosen the fit making it very a bit cooler.

    Abby L.:I have a pretty small head but love wearing the unisex hats, so I have to go with adjustable here!

    Daniel M:Fitted is the only way I roll. aungcrown fitted hats are the best. I wear a L/XL so sometimes it's hard to find a good fit. Wish there were more color choices.

    If you can't determine the "better" type between fitted vs adjustable hat, why not try both? A Adjustable has more room and a wider and flatter brim, that could work on occasions when you are exposed to the sun for extended hours.

    A fitted on the other hand fits in well with almost any event you are attending, even if you are just visiting the farmer's market or heading out for some errands. Use aungcrown fitted hat style guide to get more inspiration when exploring the snapback vs fitted trend. Or you can contact aungcrown to design your own caps.