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    About Dad Hats You Need To Know

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-09-11
    Popular fashion can have a serious sense of humor — what was once considered totally uncool can quickly become the latest must-have product of the moment. Case in point: the dad hats. Whatever your fashion sense, one thing you should know is that dad hats are in.

    In case you hadn't heard, those slightly tattered, somewhat ill-fitted baseball caps that you are most likely to see on good ol' Dad have now reached "it" headgear status. While a dad cap is really just a baseball cap — snapback hats, strapback caps, and fitted baseball hats included — its distinguishing features are that it has a slightly loose fit, curved bill, and low profile.

    Why Are Dad Hats Popular?
    Dad hats have become so popular because they show off a "don't care" style. You're really playing it cool when you show up wearing a white-washed hat that has "AUNGCROWN" embroidered on the front. Dad hats also throw off a bit of a retro vibe which is really trendy right now, especially if you choose a cap that's denim and features your favorite classic Nickelodeon cartoon! These stylish hats are much more simplistic than even a black snapback, so they can top off literally any ensemble.

    What’s The Difference Between Dad Hats And Baseball Caps?
    A commonly asked question when it comes to hats is, what is the difference between dad hats and baseball caps? Here we explain some of the differences between dad hats and baseball hats.
    What is a Baseball Hat?
    A baseball hat is 5-panel or 6-panel cap with a curved brim and a top button. They are fitted with an adjustable snap on the back, which makes it ‘one size fits all’.
    What Is a Dad Hat?
    A dad hat is a modern-day fashion hat, typically made of cotton or canvas, that kind of reminds you of a cap that your father would've worn back in the day (not to be confused with a traditional baseball cap). Except, what's trendy now is the modern version of this cap that's a little more fashion-forward, usually with fun sayings or graphics slapped right on the front. They’re low-key and fun, whether you're sporting a favorite food, beverage, band, or announcing your relationship status (like “single AF”).

    What is the Biggest Difference Between a Dad hat and a Baseball Cap?
    The main difference between a dad hat and baseball hat is the front lining.  A dad hat is an unstructured type of baseball hat. The dad hat does not have a front lining while baseball hats do have a front lining.

    How Do I Wear a Dad Hat?
    Wearing a dad cap is simple. That's the whole point! Didn't wash your hair today? Put on a black cap. Actually did your hair but are craving a stylish accessory that expresses your mood? Put on a white cap with a snarky saying! They come in almost every color, like black, white, pink, purple, maroon and even blue denim, so you'll always have a cap to go with any outfit!

    A dad hat isn’t fussy. It’s simple, because that’s how dads tend to like them. These simple and funny hats are the perfect attire to complement any look or color, from a sports jacket to a sundress to camo or simply black. Both men and women love these hats, and Spencer’s carries them in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can wear one indoors or outdoors that looks fabulous with your outfit. Generally, one solid color with a phrase, image, or logo on the front can showcase your personality or simply add a quirky twist while keeping your hair out of your face.

    So which dad cap style is best for you? Aside from personal taste, it's really a matter of material and fit. Baseball caps come in any number of fabrics, from natural fibers such as cotton, wool, leather, and suede to synthetic materials including polyester or nylon. While lightweight textures such as cotton or nylon might be great for keeping cool in the heat and during lots of activity, a thicker textile such as wool or suede will keep you warm in cold weather.

    Maybe you can custom dad hats on aungcrown
    There are a lot of options to choose from when looking for a dad hats. Do want more of a fashion or casual cap, something that people will were in everyday life? Or are you looking for a cap to wear to the gym or other exercise activities? Or maybe a hat for your employees to wear while working or out in the field? Here are a dad hats styles for you.

    A dad hat is usually an unstructured baseball hat with six-panels. One of our best sellers is our Cotton Dad Hat, it is made of a soft, washed cotton twill, comes in a variety of colors. It can be customized with your logo via embroidery or screen printing on the front, back or sides. This twill cap is a great option for an everyday hat and it is not just for dads.If you want to know more about dad hats, welcome contact aungcrown.