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    Fisherman Hat Logo Fisherman Hat with Logo Fashionable

    Claire Aung Crown 2018-10-08 16:22:05
    What is popular this year? With more than half of spring and summer, we have long witnessed the movement and street elements to become the main force. In the major shows, the single-product fisherman hat(custom bucket hats cheap) is the leader. The brand logo Legacy Logos still continues the momentum of last year, the combination of the two fishermen The cap plus logo is more eye-catching.
    Fisherman Hat Logo
    The fisherman's hat with the brand logo has a brand value expressiveness and visual impact. It is more intuitive and imposing in personality, and it is also more street-like. It can perfectly interpret a variety of styles.
    Enthusiasm and strength in thick lines
    Pure American street fashion, iconic low-end pants, sports stripes and other casual common elements, representing passion and explosive power. Whether it's wearing a classic combination of red and black colors, or driving a solid black and white line, you can achieve natural coordination.
    Thick English rock aesthetics
    British street brand BOY LONDON, in the design of the fisherman hat(custom bucket hats wholesale) mostly uses the iconic BOY Logo as the main pattern, combined with the brand's unique rebellious and rough rock aesthetics, let you become a model of the British "underground" trend.

    Fresh expression of sportiness
    CHAMPION's position in the Asian Tide brand is very important. In the Japanese branch line, it has launched a series that perfectly fits Asians. In the design of the hat, it inherits the consistently high-quality workmanship and simple and easy-to-wear sports style. Under its highly recognizable classic logo, it is equipped with hoodies, sweatpants, baseball jackets, crew neck sweaters, turtlenecks, etc. Single product, quickly became a pioneer in the dynamic street trend.
    Young and playful girl
    Stussy is one of the oldest and most pure street brands in the United States. The fisherman's hat under the brand is the royal style of every season. It has a fashionable mix of girls and mixes, low-key and stylish, soft music and sports elements. The playfulness is full of femininity.
    Hip-hop music industry image symbol
    Supreme's real-life street culture and strong brand influence make the fisherman hat under its brand design a symbolic piece in the hip-hop music industry. The launch of the Lacoste x Supreme series of fisherman hats(china hat factory) has become the “joint code” of these fans who are obsessed with hip-hop, becoming the “in-circle” boys and girls to increase their value and advertise “I am cool to infinity”. The biggest weapon.