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    Eight Reasons Why Winter Beanies Are A Season Must Have

    • Author:Aung Crown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-11-28

    Winter is coming that is beanie season! You need to dress yourself up heavily before going out in winter cold weather! From pom pom beanies and cotton beanies to knit beanies, our popular beanies are not only stylish, but help keep you warm and comfortable during the coldest of winter days!

    Wherever you sit on the spectrum of fearless explorers to, uh, recreation enthusiasts, you’ll definitely want to secure a beanie–or beanies–before winter hits in full force. Here’s our top reasons why.

    Plus, all our beanies can be screen printed or embroidered with logo, name, monogram or what you like, which would be wonderful Christmas gifts!

    1.     Prevent Hypothermia and frostbite

    Hypothermia and frostbite may or may not have been a reality in the area you live in, but it’s something to be aware of come the change of seasons considering our bizarre and erratic weather patterns. Our bodies function best at 98.6 degrees and if/when our core temperature drops below 95 degrees an internal alarm rings to let us know we’re in the danger zone. If you feel yourself shivering, confused, drowsy, and unable to enunciate your speech, your body is letting you know it’s shunting your body’s warm blood to keep your vital organs warm.

    Wear a hat to maintain optimal body heat and cover your ears so they don’t suffer the grip of frostbite. The option seems like an easy choice when considering the “what if” worse case scenario relating to extreme cold temperatures.

    2.     They’re Stylish

    Combining functionality with style can be difficult. See ponchos, sweatpants, etc.

    Luckily, winter hats come in an abundance of colors, shapes, sizes and materials to deliver what you want whether you’re looking to make a statement or are more of a Plain Jane. If you fall more in the former category, personalized pom beanies present a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

    3.     Cover up the season of bad hair days

    Many say winters are the season of bad hair. We say, thank goodness because that makes hats an easy accessory to add to your winter wardrobe! Embrace the season’s dampening effect on your curls. Let go of the idea that hairspray is going to do you any good against heavy precipitation and get used to the full on hair fluffing aspects of wind. Instead, plan to wear a hat that compliments your complexion and face shape so that your head dressing will be an insulating addition to your winter style that you’ll never leave home without!

    4.     They’re Expressive

    This guy just gets it. While we’re not exactly sure what that means, can we all agree that’s hard to argue? Okay, good. Between the beard game and the pom beanie, he’s heeding the advice of Harvard Health experts and styling while doing so.

    We’re confident he has a personalized beanie or two in his closet at home. These are great items because it empowers you throughout the process. You can view styles, sift through logos and even decide how you want everything exactly situated. Carrying out that vision from design to the time you put it on your head is pretty cool–and ultimately keeps you warm.

    5.     Boost confidence by defining your winter style

    Accessorize in a way that not only warms your head but it nurtures your heart by consolidating your fashionable expression with your ability to apply self-care.

    6.     They’re Comfortable

    There’s just something about the snug fit of a beanie hat that exudes comfort. Whether the knit beanie is engineered for running, cycling, some other form of outdoor training or merely for warmth, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable hat.

    7.     They’re Versatile

    Next time you’re soaking in a cold tub to recover from that latest run or lifting session, throw on your winter beanie. Because, why not?

    While beanies are most often worn for warmth, their evolution into a stylish look means many don them in fall and spring as well–or even indoors in a bathtub. It’s just one more form of expression, and a good photo op for raking in those social media likes.

    8.     They’re Durable

    Story time, here. I’ve had the same winter beanie for close to 25 years. It still looks good, it’s still warm and I like it. I’m sure there’s many out there like me, too. Every winter, I kind of look forward to opening the drawer and pulling out the beanie as it conjures memories of years gone by. Today’s high-quality beanies are designed to endure tough conditions and wear and tear, meaning you’ll have the same chance to throw on your favorite hat year after year, whether you’re crisscrossing Denali or reading this from the visitor’s center.

    This season you can let your fashionable affirmations redefine your style and your style re-establish your approach to temperatures that often keep us isolated and indoors. Play outside with confidence and charisma knowing you both look good and you’re going to be toasty warm! Tis’ the season to defy cold ambient temperatures with weather resilient headwear and a go getter adventurous personality.