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    Custom hat factory teaches you how to judge the quality of the hat

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-05-06
    There are many types and styles of hats, different hat brands, and hats made by hat manufacturers. The quality is also uneven. Today, the custom hat factory teaches you how to distinguish the quality of hats.
    The quality of the hat is generally reflected in the specifications, shape, materials, and production.
    Specifically, the specification size should meet the standard requirements of the Taiwan. The specifications of China's custom hats start from the 46th, 46-56 is the children's hat, 55~60 is the adult hat, and the 60th or above is the extra-large hat. For 1cm, make up the series:
    The shape should be beautiful and generous, the structure is reasonable, and you can coordinate with each other on behalf of the water;
    The materials should meet the requirements, depending on your needs. For example, children's hats are generally pure n materials, comfort and breathability are better than other materials, and affinity does not hurt the skin.

    In terms of production, all parts of the monochromatic cap should have the same color, and the color of the cap should be coordinated with color; no wrong direction, skew, and obvious wreckage of the fabric: the leather surface is neat, no lint, and insects; the accessories are complete; The brim has a certain hardness.
    The position of each part of the hat should meet the requirements of the table, the stitching is neat, the color matching with the fabric is reasonable, there is no open line, loose line and continuous jumping needle phenomenon; the lying hat mouth has no obvious head and concave waist, lying flat and correct, card
    Suitable for living;
    The surface of the woven hat is not allowed to have unevenness and unevenness. The unevenness of the pattern is not uniform. The cotton in the cotton cap should be evenly spread. The decorative parts of the two lines on the two lines should be correct and the two embroidery patterns should not be coordinated.
    Walking type, no wrinkle; flat and smooth, beautiful, no screwing phenomenon in the cap; the whole hat is clean, no stains, no creases, no damage, etc.