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    How to clean the white baseball cap

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-05-05
    If it is a very small stain, use a little detergent and rub it with a wet towel. If there are many stains, you need to clean it.
    Deep stains: If it is only a large area and stains that have penetrated into the fabric, use a water wash.
    1. Use clean water to get wet in the place where the hat has stains.
    2. Put a little detergent in the stain area.
    3. Brush with a toothbrush, remember not to be too violent.
    Cleaning step
    1. Prepare a pot of warm water and add a neutral detergent in warm water.
    2. If the baseball cap is only partially dirty, you can gently scrub the stain on the baseball cap with a soft brush.
    3. If the overall baseball cap is not too clean, you can soak it in warm water, gently clean the cap and cap, and then use a soft brush to focus on the particularly dirty parts.
    4, the inner cap of the baseball cap will have more sweat and sweat stains. You can wash it several times and thoroughly wash the sweat.
    5. Rinse the baseball cap with clean water. After brushing, wash off the stain with water. (Do not smear the cap with the faucet, because it may deform the cap type at this step) Moisture, not dewatering in the washing machine.
    6. Spread out the baseball cap, stuff it with a waste newspaper, wrap the towel on the top of the hat, and let it dry. Don't hang it.
    7. Use adhesive tape to remove the dust and small wool from the surface of the hat.

    1. If it is a real baseball cap, the brim will have a fixed corner and will not be easily deformed; it will usually be relatively large, and it can cover the head as a whole, and it is not easy to fall in sports and life. So, as long as you choose the right baseball cap that fits your head size, it will fit.
    As for some people who say that the round face is not suitable, then you can refer to the face of the Chinese baseball team's main cast in the last 10 years or so. The long and thin face and the fat round face are all brought with the baseball cap.
    In fact, as long as you choose the right hat, wear comfortable, plus a little confidence, everyone is suitable to wear.
    2. If it is a casual hat (which I call a fake baseball cap), for example, it is more hip-hop, and there is a relatively inferior quality sold by small traders. The hats are not too hard and can be bent into different angles.
    Don't care too much about this kind of hat. The flat hat is not too good to wear. However, the person with a small head and a round face will be slightly better. The thin-faced person is better not to wear this hat. It will look longer.
    —— In short, in a more formal place, look at the easy deformation of the hat, choose a hat that fits your head size (just the size is right), what face is suitable for wearing.