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    Choose a top four hats, one at a glance to see your personality and marriage, quasi-burst it!

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on :2017-12-15
    The following four hats, choose your favorite one! Look at what is your character?

    Choose ① people
    The first top is a beret.

    Like you first hat, intellectual and elegant, with high cultural quality. Your dress is always praised and emulated by people around you. Unique aesthetic allows you to easily stand out from the crowd, as shining center. 

    Your family is happy, although not particularly rich, but there are lovely children, two people sometimes quarrel, but in general life is satisfactory. 

    People who like this hat are very practical. Family things are trivial, you worry about more. In the future, when the division of labor between you and your husband is clear, your family's financial income will increase a lot.

    The other half of you often have some knowledge and accomplishment, is the gentleman in the eyes of most people. He knows how to appreciate your strengths and always resonates with you in his life. You have endless talk of conversation, but also for each other to progress.

    Choose ② people
    The second top is a cap. 

    Like the second hat you, weird, chasing the trend. Your shopping list is always full, it seems that "buy and buy" will never come to an end. The fanatical pursuit of fashion, making the eyes of others you are always "cool." 

    Your other half is also a fashion tide, hate the old fashioned, like maverick. He never likes drift, always make things that others dare to think, your life is often surprises.

    You may be arguing about different concepts. Remember to step back to a brighter future, the problem of mother-in-law can also be solved very well. It is also easier for children to control their temper and education.

    Select ③ people
    The third top is a large hat. 

    Like the third hat you, smile, style million. Women's charm reflected in your body most vividly. In the eyes of everyone, you are a temperament, taste of the woman.
    Your family is happier, the other half is often mature and steady, with a strong sense of professionalism. In particular, he pursues his own career and is eager to use his own efforts to make the present undertaking a higher level. 

    However, he is often emotionally careless, often ignoring your feelings. Therefore, the two need to get along with each other more honest, there are problems raised in a timely manner, do not accumulate bad mood in the heart, otherwise it will only make the relationship more nervous. Communicating frankness and timely communication is often more important than the matter itself.

    Select ④ people
    Top 4 is a knit hat. 

    Like the fourth hat you, gentle and kind, delicate mind. You can always detect the insignificant emotions shown by the people around you and give you appropriate warmth and help. Good understanding of you in the circle of friends high popularity oh! 

    The other half of you often know how to care for people, is a considerate "warm hand treasure." He will always take care of your emotions, distressed you not easy to understand your hardships, he is always warm as the winter sun. 

    However, the same delicate mind of two people may be trivial for trivial matters, hurt each other's heart. In the family business if you can put an appropriate state of mind, a lot of understanding each other this relationship will be more successful sweet!

    Which of these four hats do you like best?