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    Outdoor sports hat how to choose?

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-12-18 14:38:54
    In outdoor products, the hat is something most people easily overlooked, the introduction of general equipment seldom involved, this knowledge, in general, the real ALICE, according to their own experience to answer, from here you can see that people in the travel forum In the true sense of the ALICE is not much, we have to work hard, oh, do not be able to do a donkey just work on the line, but also have a wealth of outdoor knowledge, if we always rely on the experience of broken sword webmaster will never To become an excellent ALICE.

    Outdoor sports and tourism are different, no matter what the weather, there is the problem of physical exertion. Human physical exertion and heat dissipation is proportional to, and more than 60% of the heat is distributed through the head, so the main function of the hat in outdoor sports is to prevent heat from exuding too fast, to prevent cold catch at rest, not Ordinary travel in the sun, so in all the outdoor sports, be sure to wear a hat Oh.
    There are many kinds of hats in outdoor products, from the material points:
    First, the ordinary type, this and travel cap exactly the same, so for beginners, as long as the usual travel cap on the line; 

    Second, the water-resistant type, this type of hat breathable almost, but victory in the wind and rain, for more demanding ALICE; Third, waterproof breathable, is a senior species, common GORE-TEX materials, which are at an altitude of 3000 When traveling to Tibet, the GORE-TEX hat is of course the best choice when it comes to travel in Tibet. Generally speaking, it is not recommended for those outdoor enthusiasts who are only having a low degree of difficulty unless you have a high fever 40 degrees or good money, is a rich donkey.
    From the appearance of points, there are several, the most recommended is the jungle type, as in World War II Japanese devils wearing military cap, Yasuo Su * said the kind of feature is to protect the most vulnerable and most afraid of the sun's neck . However, my sisters may not like it, at least I do not like donkey line to maintain the state of beauty it! ! ! Donkey line, the cap in turn cover the neck is also OK, take a positive photo, but also a cute little donkey, Oh!