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    Caps, how do you wear it?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-12-14
    Cap was originally hunted when hunting hunters hat, because of its flat like the brim of the brim, it said cap. Many designers like to use a cap to match when designing a sportswear collection. The way to wear a cap, the most orthodox is wearing. However, crooked duck tongue to the side of the head, or simply put the duck tongue behind his head, exposing a full forehead, but also truly cute cute.
    In the west, hats have long been linked with fashion and life. Jacqueline Kennedy like to wear a boundless flat-bottomed small hat; Princess Diana led the feathered triangular hat popular; Queen Mother often wear an elegant little hat ... ... even if the hat in the north wind has been rising , The South has been the hat is not too "cold" because of heat. However, in the end still arrived but fashion power. Emerging "IF (International Free)" brought a movement of neutral fashion, and the most typical neutral dress is, with a masculine fashion, such as a cap, a tie to foil the delicate feminization Makeup. So, the cap is red. 

    On the cap with the following types: 

    1, Cap + alphabet color long sweater:
    Loose-letter type of gossip gown also has a sports range of children, with a cap and then a proper fit. Casual gown, but also does not have a visual conflict with the hat, piles of socks and casual shoes with a quite stylish. Wear sunglasses more handsome.

    2, cap + T shirt + package hip skirt:
    Cap and package hip skirts can also be a group of Oh. Casual loose solid color T shirt with hit color package hip skirt full of youthful colors, and cap mix, as long as the use of a pair of shoes to balance the impact on style ok.

    3, cap + dress + cardigan jacket:
    Dresses and cardigan sweater with a very sporty sense, gives a comfortable and agile feel. Caps into the shape more color.