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    4 Tips for Ordering Custom Baseball Uniforms

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-10-09
    When the sun comes out and baseball season begins, teams come to aungcrown for custom baseball uniforms. At aungcrown, we’ve got over 20 years experience customized baseball uniform, and along the way we’ve picked up tips for ordering personalized uniforms for your baseball team.

    1.Choose Custom Baseball uniforms that Match Your Team Style
    Every baseball team has their own style! If you run a casual beer league, you might like our cool custom baseball shirts. For a professional team, we have some top-notch custom baseball game jerseys. We have smaller baseball shirts for junior baseball leagues and a ton of colours and sizes available in each style.
    Choose the perfect baseball uniform style to customize and find colours that match your baseball team’s logo.

    2.Customize Baseball uniforms with Names and Numbers
    Make a personalized baseball uniforms for every player with their last name and player number on the back. Personalizing uniforms gives an extra boost to your whole team! You look great and players will be proud to wear their customized baseball uniform.
    We recommend collecting player names and numbers in a spreadsheet along with every player’s uniforms size.

    3.Order Extra Custom Baseball uniforms
    Getting an extra couple of baseball uniforms is a great idea – if someone forgets their uniforms or a new player joins the team, you’ll be ready with a screen printed baseball uniform for them. We’ll screen print your team logo on the front, if a new player joins just bring your spare uniforms and we can add names and numbers to the back.
    Screen printed baseball uniforms can also make great merchandise for your fans, friends and family. You can sell custom screen printed baseball uniforms to raise money for the team and raise team spirit at your next game.

    4.About Custom Baseball uniforms Color
    Don’t: custom All-Black Youth Baseball uniforms
    I get why you might want to choose black as your team’s color scheme for this upcoming season. It looks intimidating, which can be an advantage on the diamond. It will also look better than white late in the season .

    But if your team plays in any kind of light (which I’m pretty sure includes all baseball teams), you’ll actually put them at a disadvantage.

    That’s because black absorbs light and converts it into heat, hence why many pro teams have moved away from black uniforms recently. And if pro players, with their decades of built up endurance, feel the effects from black jerseys, how do you think little Timmy, who has never seen the sun before, will feel?

    Bottom line: if you don’t want to risk your players melting into little puddles by the bottom of the 3rd, stay away from black.

    Also Don’t: White
    True, white is a classic baseball uniform color. It doesn’t heat up the way black does, either. So why not make it the look of your team?

    Because you don’t have a professional equipment manager to make sure they stay white. Baseball is literally played in the dirt, so stains are inevitable. Choosing white over another color just makes it harder on the parents, who will be tasked with getting those stains out.

    Not all stains can be eliminated, though. And most teams only order one jersey to last the whole season. Do you really want your team to show up for the playoffs looking like the Bad News Bears? Didn’t think so.

    Custom: Grey
    The happy medium between black and white, grey is the perfect color to use as the foundation of your baseball uniforms. It’s utilitarian, sure, but that’s kind of the point. It won’t heat up the way black uniforms do. Stains won’t be as prominent on grey as it would on white. That’s why so many teams choose it the world over.

    What’s more, it goes with pretty much any color, which is perfect for league organizers who need to buy for multiple teams.

    These are the considerations to keep in mind as you begin building a custom youth baseball uniforms design that your players will love. Don’t be afraid to play around with these ideas, but remember that generally, when it comes to uniform design, less is more. Experiment with colors, fonts, and logos– with our expertise and your vision, you might just come up with the next on-field trend.

    When it comes to custom baseball uniforms, AungCrown team has the skill to make your team look great! Our years of experience in creating high-quality and exciting uniform designs for so many teams gives us the confidence that we can help you too! Our uniforms come in a variety of styles ranging from traditional vests to sleek full-dye designs. Whether you’re looking for just a uniform top or the whole package including pants, hats, and pullovers we have the expertise to help you customize it. Now contact aungcrown to custom baseball uniforms for your team.