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    the best dad caps for looking today

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-09-01
    There’s seemingly no sartorial stone high-end designers will leave unturned in their endless quest to appropriate anything they can get their hands on. Case in point: ‘dadcore’ – a recent fashion phenomenon that transformed your old man from a perpetually tired, beige-wearing bloke into a straight-up style icon.

    As a result, several fatherly wardrobe fixtures have achieved previously incomprehensible levels of cool. Think stonewash jeans, chunky trainers that look like they were designed by an orthopaedic doctor, and of course, the sort of shapeless curved-peak hats favoured by beer-bellied patriarchs on grilling duty. AKA, dad caps.

    This trending topper became one of 2016’s hottest streetwear-meets-high-fashion pieces and has remained so ever since. That’s a pretty good run as far as supposedly fleeting fads go. So if you’d previously been apprehensive about forking out for one, now seems like a safe time to cop.

    What Is A Dad Cap?
    The term dad cap has only been around for a handful of years, but the garment it describes has existed for much longer. Essentially, it’s a boneless baseball cap. A brimmed bonce cover lacking any modicum of skeletal integrity. Aside from that of the peak, of course, which must always be curved to perfection.

    If traditional sporting headgear with stiff, structured panels has a habit of making your head look odd, or you find yourself saying, “baseball caps just don’t suit me,” on a regular basis, then a simple, low-profile dad cap is likely the lid you’ve been longing for.

    It’s simple, more versatile than a snapback or trucker, and above all else, is relatively straightforward to style.