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    Winter with what color hat look concave concave shape sense

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-10-24
    The temperature plummeted, accidentally went to the winter. Many girls will choose to use a hat to warm and concave shape, whether it is a hat (knitted beanie with top ball supplier) or a baseball cap, berets or newspaper boy hat, each with its own characteristics and style, with dress is also very personal. So what is the color of the hat in winter? Today we come together to inventory.

    Winter wear gray hat look good
    In recent years the most common winter is gray, gray on the gray, have to call the senior gray! Whether it is dark gray or light gray hat (custom winter hats cheap), almost any color of the clothing, but the highest rate of black or gray combination, low-key handsome, and very layered.

    Wearing orange hat in winter
    With the prevalence of sports wind, the most vibrant orange and re-return, in 2018 spring and summer fashion week street shooting we can see a lot of orange single product. And this winter, if you wear an orange hat must be enough for you to add enough fashion index Oh.

    Winter wear blue hat look good
    Winter dress most of the color is relatively deep, with a young blue hat to embellish the words then fit (100 polyester hats in china), not only hinder the black handsome, and a little more young leisure feeling.

    Winter wear black hat look good
    No matter what season, of course, the highest rate of appearance has always been a black hat, preference for All black cool girls are ultimately a black hat to add their own handsome value points. More feminine girls wear fur in winter, plus one of the most popular black berets this year is also a good choice.