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    Collocation Skills About Hat And Clothes Color

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:AungCrown
    • Release on:2018-06-28
    Although the hat is decorated with the role of clothing and clothes, but there are many choices for the choice of hat, hat(hat china supplier) net below to share for everyone what color hat and clothes to match more appropriate.

    Hats should be matched with clothes of similar colors

    Hats should be as close as possible to the colors of the clothes. The purpose of doing so is to make the head-to-toe levels clearer and seem appropriate. If you choose a white hat(custom hat manufacturer) with a black dress, it looks very awkward and very dissonant. If a gray hat with black clothes looks comfortable, the sense of hierarchy is also very strong.

    Spring and summer and autumn and winter seasons should choose hats of different colors

    Choose the color of the hat in different seasons also need to pay attention, in the spring and summer season, try to match the hat with the lighter primary colors and clothes, spring and summer usually wear less clothing, so the hat just play a decoration or sunscreen The role, then, a light-colored hat can not only play a good sun protection dress effect, but also make the hat more with the current season. In winter, wool caps and head caps are usually worn, and some people like Lei Feng caps that are very warm. This requires the color of the hat to be darker, because dark hats don't look garish and warmer than lighter hats.

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