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    Guide to Snapback Hats & History of Snapback hats

    • Author:Aung Crown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2022-03-17

    The snapback cap is on a resurgence. Not that it went away completely, but there is renewed fashion energy around snapback hats. While in the 90s snapbacks were madly in love with oversized tees and baggy jeans, today you can accessorize them with almost any outfit. You only need to know how to wear it like a pro. That is not going to be a problem anymore. This article will guide you into everything you would want to know about wearing snapbacks. It will share different looks plus the dos and don’ts about snapback.

    Does this feel like a train you would like to join? Come with us as we add depth to your closet. We promise you are not going to wear your snapbacks the same way after reading this guide to the end.

    Who Invented Snapback Hats?

    This hat’s fame originated from baseball players in the US. Initially, it was just a sports accessory for them. The first one, worn by the sports club called The New York Knickerbockers in 1849, was made from straw, unlike the snapback hats today. However, this hat changed form several times over the years, while one factor remained consistent. The snapback hats were and will always be used to place a team or brand logo. In 1858, The Brooklyn Excelsiors baseball team wore snapback hats that had a short brim. Eventually, baseball sports teams and their supporters across the country began wearing these new arrivals. When baseball emerged to prominence in the 1930s, entrepreneurs leaped at the opportunity to start a baseball hat venture. The first company was named New Era. They created The Gatsby hat, with a relatively smaller brim, for the Cleveland Indians. After 1954, the snapback hat has looked the same as it seems 6-panel today, with a short brim and flat bill.


    When Did Snapback Hats Becomes Popular?

    The snapback hat fame came in several different waves - the 1970s, 1980s,1990s, 2004, 2011, 2013, and now for various reasons. In 1978, baseball culture took over; hence, people felt inspired and began wearing baseball caps, now known as snapback or strapback hats, outside the MLB playing field. They were popular with baseball teams like the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Boston Red Sox. In the 1980s, famous hip-hop artists adopted this accessory. Fans were quick to follow their footsteps. Moreover, in the 1990s, television shows like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air advertised these hats. Hip hop artists like Tupac and Ice Cube flaunted these hats in their music videos. So, naturally, they gradually found their way into day-to-day American culture. They then gained popularity in the NFL being worn on some of the best teams like the New England Patriots, the Denver Broncos, the Green Bay Packers, the New York Giants, and the San Francisco 49ers.

    Choosing the right snapback for you

    There is no right or wrong way to choose a snapback. Your style and preference will play a big role in what goes on your head. Of course, snapbacks come in a variety of styles and you may find yourself overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. But if you take time, you will definitely find a piece that will work for you. For a sports enthusiast, go for a hat with the team logo.

    If you do not like grabbing attention, unbranded caps will do a great job. For those testing the snapback waters for the first time, a simple and classic hat will do the trick. Also, stick to dark colors as you find your style.

    How to wear snapbacks

    Snapback hats are not just your average caps. They are iconic and worn way up the social ladder. Presidents, celebrities, and who-is-who around the world wear these pieces to rallies, concerts, and casual outings. They are also the ‘it’ thing with the masses. Part of this craziness around snapbacks is because of their diversity. You can wear them with almost anything and pull that unique look that will get you a standing ovation wherever you go.


    So, what are the various looks you can pull with a snapback hat?

    Casual look

    Snapbacks are the perfect pieces for crowning your casual style. Go for a minimalist hat that will not draw a lot of attention. Skip hats with logos and select slightly dark colors. Let the brim face forwards with an upward slant to show a bit of your face. Also, leave some hair showing on the lower section of your head. Get on your casual pants or a pair of shorts and a button-up shirt. Finish off your looks with a pair of laced sneakers. You will be looking like someone coming from a Hollywood movie set.

    Classic look

    You can wear your snapback hat in a traditional way and go for occasions like night outs and sports. First of all, the brim has to face to the front. Pair it with a tee and your regular jeans. If you are edging towards showing off your hairstyle, leave the brim peaking out a little. You can pair it up with a polo shirt and your favorite pair of chinos for a sporty look.

    Remember, the hats you choose for a classic look should be in their natural tones. They can have logos or brand phrases, but do not go for anything that has shouting embellishments. It would be a perfect fit if you find caps with your team name or logo.