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    How do you choose your own hat for summer travel?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-09-01
    Summer is coming, it is a good season for sightseeing, and praise the beauty of others, do not want to let their friends bursting with popularity? Therefore, choose a travel photo hat, when it is the most important, travel stylish and sunscreen.

    Hats and hairstyles, once selected for their own, will be able to avoid weaknesses, beauty points. If you don't think you're good for a hat, you'd better keep looking. Because I firmly believe that there are no people in this world who don't wear hats, only you don't pick the right ones. 

    Whether boys and girls, flat top straw hat can always add a point to you handsome. Straw material in the summer is not only cool and moderate brim can shade and not too exaggerated. Sports, casual, formal, even gorgeous clothes, they all match. However, it is more suitable for the softer lines of the face. 

    A warm, graceful, wide brimmed straw hat, one of which is a must-have for women's holiday travel. A large hat can not only block the shoulder above the skin, very suitable for pose, do not pick the face. The sun and the beach, along with exaggerated print skirts or sexy routes, can't be missing. If you want to in peacetime can also use it to attract attention, remember to choose slightly narrower than the holiday peak, a cool styling collocation.