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    What kind of face suits a boy's hat?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on :2017-08-09
    Often said: "head is not so big, do not wear such a big hat.". It sounds a bit harsh, but that's the truth. The hat is nothing but want to complete other can point, why self defeating? Different faces fit different hats. Take a look at the mirror and see which hat you can handle: 


     round face Beanie
    The pointed Beanie can lengthen the face shape, suit the face of the male or female. It is also suitable for the face with a small person to wear. It can bring the effect of magnifying the facial shape and even the proportion of the whole body. 

    medium large face - Trilby Hat/Fedora Hat
    Love is a real Fedora Style Vintage one of the most beloved, but this hat is larger, if the head of small people wore would drown face; on the contrary, Fedora can balance the face, facial features prominent male appearance, that is why foreigners tall wear would be more pleasing to the eye. 


    horse type long face - Bucket Hat
    A long face boy, a big boy, is a perfect fit for a hat. But if you want to look like the head is not so long, the flat top Bucket Hat can flatten the face slightly; in recent years, Bucket Hat, which is popular on the vertical brim, can even modify your face defects. 


    Universal Cap/Snapback Cap Baseball hat
    The product Baseball Cap itself is very Pop, very popular, so you see whether people will wear height FeiShou pleasing to the eye. The key is to choose the right size, otherwise there will be no clothing fitting effect; note that while head partial circle is not suitable for people against wearing a hat, will make your head round like a ball.

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