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    Trick hat trick in summer, you can also take the trend of fashion fan

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-07-25
    Dressing up is a girl's eternal theme. When you talk about getting dressed, you have to mention a single item that needs to be built -- a hat. A hat (100% acrylic snapback cap) is a bright spot. Without a hat, it feels like a part of the body. Don't say much about how to trick a hat trick. 

    Who says a baseball cap (custom embroidered snapback hats wholesale) must wear a small fresh Korean hip hop, in vertical stripes + lattice, collocation is the first time I try, solid colored coat collocation on a seemingly ordinary, bright plaid skirt, make the whole more brisk, a comfortable pair of shoes, with the AUNG GROWN start a black baseball cap. Unexpected discovery, so youthful vitality, instant age reduction. 

    The black hat and coat suggest a solid colored light coat, of course, white is the best choice. Special love quality AUNG GROWN hat design, not only look good, feel great, street dozens of pieces of the kind can not, do not fade after washing deformation. 

    A white baseball cap (design your own snapback cap china), bought from the idea that the black and white will never go out of fashion, is very satisfying because it's really nice. Take advantage of the weekend mood, give yourself a good relaxation, clothing, I will choose partial leisure comfortable style.