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    How do boys choose the right hat?

    Claire AungCrown 2018-07-02 16:43:24

    Hats are liked by many boys. Wearing a hat can not only block harmful ultraviolet rays, but also modify the face and increase the gas field. However, many boys wear hats and don't know how to match clothes. Let's take a look at how boys choose the right hat(custom caps in china).

    If the boy is a long face, it is suitable for a flat hat, such as a baseball cap, a beret and other types of hats. The hat is stretched to both sides, which can effectively reduce the visual length of the face. The cap should not be narrow, and must be wider than the forehead, which gives a visual effect of lateral stretching. Boys with long faces are suitable for wearing caps, golf caps, baseball caps, etc., and you can buy more of them.

    If your face is square, the hat(custom flat brim caps china) you wear is preferably round. Choose a curved hat. Always avoid the magician's kind of hat, or the wizard's pointed hat, you must first add a little hat. You can even wear a hat a little bit to break the feeling of regulation.

    If your face is a bit short, the hat you wear is best arched. It is a relatively wide face. Work hard at the height of the hat. The hat must be narrow, the hat must be high, and narrow. You can wear it backwards at a proper point, while leaning a little to the side. Don't want a baseball cap, choose a cap and you must choose a vaulted hat and the hat has a height. If your face is round, it is best to wear a hat that is square. Medium-height, full-crown cap (without gaps not narrowing), a hat with a little more squareness, and the cap can be upturned on both sides. Do not wear behind.

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