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    A round face for a girl, a hat, a visor, and a delicate little face

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-10-09
    Moonfaced schoolgirl summer is more suitable for wearing a visor Oh, wide brim to make face appear more petite, but also make the whole collocation fashion index in a straight line. Many American Star Street and Master Street will choose a stylish hat to pose, the first look at the star, supermodel and how people collocation sunshade cap, and sunshade cap collocation tips.

    Strapless dress very delicate tannins, a top hat collocation fashion more pastoral atmosphere. The bags and sunglasses is very like a lens, summer street is also very eye-catching.

    White dress, fresh and elegant, with a visor, more gas, the foot of the white thick shoes with elongated legs, and echo the shape of color, very refreshing and charming collocation.

    A family name wind coat collocation fringed edge shorts, individuality, fashion, and a black top wide brimmed hat, a pair of Black Ankle Boots and a black mini bucket bag let the shape of color more uniform, but also let the other fashion index soared.