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    Wide brimmed hat with summer vacation face repair artifact

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-10-10 20:54:48
    A wide brimmed hat collocation, wide brimmed hat seems to have been the summer beach holiday must-have, early in June 1919 the "Vogue" magazine cover, a wide brimmed hat has emerged, after nearly a century after the baptism, it is still enduring.

    Good shape, in addition to clothing collocation, don't forget the importance of accessories, a wide brim hat can add a sense of fashion for you, and create exquisite little face, block the summer uv. A wide brimmed hat is a very eye-catching items, big wide brimmed hat has a very long history, long before European nobles out is to head a wide brimmed hat, now it is still an indispensable fashion a single product, and gives more language.

    Summer, how can less beautiful dress, elegant, sweet, casual switch, especially the necessary holiday printing dress, take pictures, meimei. But always feel less what, of course it is a pose of the wide brimmed hat, not only bring you the exquisite face more photogenic, but also for you to block the sinister UV, let you feel more beautiful holiday!