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    Chinese clothing and shoes industry changes these years

    • Author:ryan
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2014-04-15

      Chinese clothing and shoes industry changes these years

       China is the world's factory, where is full of adequate and cheap labor in the world, so the advantages of traditional industries here would be more obvious.In terms of hats and clothing industry, labor costs is the main cost of the product.a new market order and the new world customers , will inevitably mixed blessing. According to follow-up survey, since join into the WTO, China's garments industry has changed a lot in the following areas:

    1 Export market has been greatly improved. More trade liberalization, changing bargaining benefits are obvious, the apparel industry passive quotaissue has been resolved.

    2 More scientific and modern enterprise management improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Foreign advanced technology and modern scientific management, innovative design, leading marketing, and financial and other well-known brands, continue to enter the country. A strong sense of competition to stimulate domestic garments enterprises, strengthen the competitive mechanism of enterprises, forcing us to make great efforts in new product development, brand development, investment in technology, staff training and so on. Meanwhile, faced with the needs of both domestic and overseas markets, timely adjustment of product structure, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the market.

    3. Stimulated garments industry structure adjustment. To meet the needs of different markets and different levels of class consumer groups, apparel product structure adjustment speed is accelerated. On the other hand, to some extent, part of the original development of the eastern coast of the more leading companies will move into the production base, and promote the development of the central and western regions, to a certain extent also reduced the differences in industrial areas.

    4. The "WTO", the production cost is reduced. Import prices of clothing and shoes fabric accessories and equipment reduced. Together with the existing labor cost advantages, the price advantage is becoming increasingly apparent.

    5 large part of SMEs to adapt to industry trends did not make the appropriate adjustments have been eliminated and shock. Industrial scale and diversification advantages of beginning to emerge.

    6. Environmental issues, will be the impact of China's exports of clothing and shoes obstacles. On the one hand is an international clothing and footwear market has changed, the market is increasingly important requirement for high quality products, on the other hand is the United States and Europe for competition, with high-tech products as a barrier to international trade with non-tariff technical barriers to limit other countries' commodity exports. Industrial countries have legislation on entering the country, the region's clothing and shoes commodities market implementation of environmental certification and testing and certification system for harmful substances, so environmental issues will be our garments export new difficulties.

    7. Implementation of brand strategy, become a major trend in clothing and footwear industry. Scheduled launch of high technological content and high added value, culture containing high technology leading products to dominate the market, across the oceans.