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    snapback caps can also be a sun hat!

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-07-05
    As the summer weather is getting hot, a sun hat (custom embroidery snapback hats) covering the whole face in many city streets quietly popular in ophthalmology experts warned that the so-called "sun visor eye" and many of them are inferior products, not only can not play a role, may also affect people's eyesight.

    The design style of hat is changeful, elegant texture, street remix, American leisure and even second-hand goods have different retro flavor, in particular about the mix of style spring tide, is the collocation highly popular single product. As long as the hair with the "scratch" lines, and then wear a sun hat (cheap wholesale hip hop cap), a summer sunshine belongs to the atmosphere of the movement.

    Walking in the streets, you will find that most of the people wearing this kind of sun hat are cycling women and younger children. In the commodity market, sun hat covered this is hot, the price is generally around 7 yuan to 10 yuan, with the similar colored plastic material, can be up and down freely, can wear such as ordinary hat (black snapback caps supplier china), sunglasses can also be used. Merchants said to customers, this anti UV hat, this summer we all like to buy, there is a protective role, not easy to bask in the skin, stimulate the eye.