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    The advantages of wearing a hat

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-07-05 12:43:51
    For the hair dust pollution prevention: winter wind, dust, especially in today's increasingly serious pollution of the times, when the hair blown formless at the same time, microbial and dust like sandpaper with the head of hair in the gravel, raging side on your scalp (custom embroidery snapback hats), a side in your daily hair and action, increase the friction between the hair and hair comb and.

    Microbes that can't be seen by the naked eye can cause bacteria in your scalp, and even cause hair follicles that directly affect the environment and quality of hair. And the friction caused by the surface of the hair cuticle surface tilt, hair becomes rough, even cause hair split ends, broken. At this point, wearing a comfortable and fashionable hat (black snapback caps supplier china ) is tantamount to wearing a beautiful and protective coat for the hair, effectively blocking the invasion of dust and microorganisms.

    For hair sun radiation: many beautiful women will take armed protective measures in the summer, especially hold a colorful sunshade, both the sun was charming, but in the winter they often neglect the power of the sun, when walking is always chasing the sun go. In fact, because the winter air drying clear, ultraviolet light from the sun through the degree is not low, so do not let down. In the winter sun should still prevent overexposure to the sun.

    Then, in order to avoid UV damage, choose a style and color and clothing matching hat (cheap wholesale hip hop cap), is nothing more than a fashionable and practical clever way.