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    Do you know the tricks of these hats?

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-08-23

    There is a sentence called "real beauty is bold forehead," which shows the hairline of the forehead aesthetic, play a vital role. The secret of a baseball helmet's face modification is that it unconsciously changes the position of the hairline to make your face smaller and more elaborate. 

    If you have a relatively narrow forehead or head of hair too docile, like the hat (6 panel snapback cap) pulled back, visually receding hairline, the head increases the height of the face can appear smaller. Similarly the forehead is too high to pull forward a little hat. 

    Baseball cap (black beanie hat on sale) matching and color matching, it is best to wear the same color with the department. Hat and clothing color difference is larger, sometimes can be very lively, but also may seem self defeating, short stature. The most reliable match is to choose the same color with the clothing, create a sense of harmony and give a slender impression. 

    With the main color phase modulation echo, with a baseball cap (american baseball flat caps) to balance the whole body color area, this color balanced match. Can bring lively and dynamic effect, become the highlight of the whole body. Sometimes in order to all-match, choose to buy black and white baseball caps, but the color of the hat is also very cute, especially if you wear the simple case, collocation a beautiful baseball cap with all the lights up.