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    Knit hat with what clothes, people demonstrate, easy concave out of Age Pack

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-09-26 20:00:24
    Knitted hat collocation what clothes look good? With the rich variety of knitted hat (beanies embroidery in china) styles, it is not only the warm single product, has gradually become a trendsetter Street collocation selection, how to choose the appropriate collocation clothes knitted hats?

    Style1 KNIT HAT + Plush coat
    In the list of knitted hats, plush clothes are a good choice, both visually satisfying and lazy. In figure Master, choose a stylish color Plush jacket, knitted hat (knitted winter hat manufacturer china) color and coat color echoes, beautiful and fashionable, with platform shoes decorated the slender legs look youthful and energetic.

    Style2 knit cap + coat
    In addition to plush clothes, the coat is also a high rate of winter girls out of the street style. Coat, compared to the plush coat will appear more simple and capable, but also through the high cold fan, and with knitted cap (custom winter hats cheap), it will be a little more unique affinity, so you are more popular!

    Style3 knit cap + Jacket
    In addition to warm, heavy winter coats, jacket type coats can also be made with the right knit hat. First look at the small suit, it is popular in the world with high degree of a single product, but the girls have to wear suit small kind of beauty and temperament, but this kind of coat is suitable for color collocation knitted hats, knitted hats or simple letters.