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    From cowboy hats to baseball caps: country music stars are throwing away tradition

    • Author:AUNG GROWN
    • Source:AUNG GROWN
    • Release on:2017-09-12
    There is nothing on earth that represents the culture of country music more than cowboy hats. Most of the last century, the top width of edge, elegant hat has been as a symbol of country music: a generation of country superstar makes it more famous, Hank, Williams, Dwight, et al juhkam Elvis Presley have worn it. In recent years, country singers no longer love cowboy hats. They wear neither hats nor baseball caps.

    One of the reasons for this phenomenon may lie in the new rural community will shape the image of people do not want to become a farm shepherd, always swinging rope prey, riding sayazi running horse, these scenes singers have never experienced. The mainstream of rural music no longer takes the rural life as the theme, and no longer describes the western wilderness which used to be popular with cowboy hats.

    Country music has become a popular suburban music. During the period of the new album, chuck Brown put the past into a soft hat cap. Oude dominion released a new single "baseball cap", praising the widely popular among girls in a baseball cap button.