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    One of the most fashionable single items this summer

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-09-13 14:17:10
    The summer to go out, often see some girl without an umbrella, sunglasses, white face + big lips, walking in the sun is fearless of death for a just cause.

    Do you really feel the pain of letting such a pretty face burn in the sun? But even without an umbrella girl can also wear his baseball cap (3d embroidery hats). Not only can it help prevent severe ultraviolet rays, it's one of the most popular single items this summer.

    Do not wear a baseball cap (baseball cap with logo), a concave style, to add some highlights to their Look, are embarrassed to say that they are fashionable, okay? But it's not that easy to manage, so let's take a look at the girls' street show tutorial. After Yang Mi was a mother, she was still full of young girls, and she also had her own set of clothes. Yang Mi's favorite and most common match was baseball cap (american baseball flat caps).