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    Winter will match the sweet and lovely wool hat

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-10-26 20:45:32
    South Korea popular hat has been the focus of attention of girls, follow the Han Chao dress themselves. And the popular hat (polar fleece winter hats china) and a lot of which is the current section of South Korea's most fire it? Do not know the girls have to take a look at the following recommended recent Korean popular hat, to ensure that you walk with the trend.

    Korea super thick wool hat
    This is the most sought after in South Korea this year, and with Han Xing Jin He Shan is the same paragraph. Super thick wool hat (knitted beanie with top ball supplier), design sense of independence, bring this hat, warm work is absolutely good, it is suitable for lovely sweet girls, enjoy the winter show their unique lovely style and with the way.

    South Korea sharp pointed fisherman hat
    The unique design of this pointed witch, a red pointed hat, dazzling color, for the cold winter added a bright spot. Pieces of red hat (3d embroidery hats custom) is a good match with the clothes, whether it is light or dark are suitable to bring this hat not only warm and can also cause their attention, highlighting the girls sweet and lovely.
    Korean berets

    Fashion solid color berets, color pure, style looks simple, but bring it will find it unique charm. Solid color berets, with light-colored clothes, highlighting the pure and lovely, with dark clothes, show the charm of intellectual women, so wild and beautiful look at the beret to keep you warm and beautiful away from the frozen beauty.