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    Wild jewelry knit hat in winter charm

    Claire Aung Crown 2018-11-12 16:34:59
    What are the thoughts of versatile jewelry? And the winter jewelry, Xiaobian first thought of knitting hats(jacquard knitted hats china). Next, please go with Xiaobian to see these wonderful single product introductions, this unit will be introduced in detail.
    The first fashion accessory to be introduced to everyone is a fashion accessory that is very practical in winter. The first is a striped knit hat with a combination of black and white, which is very classic. But the most special part is the addition of mesh, which is a fashion element that has been very popular since last year.

    Knit hat ornaments that mimic the shape of animal ears are now extremely popular. Look at the fashion accessories in the picture above, still suitable for stripes, but the color is a combination of black and dark blue. And the hat's pattern is like a rabbit's ear, very beautiful, full of cute atmosphere.
    This top is demonstrated by Zheng Crystal in the F(X) combination. Look at the picture above, it is a knit hat with a special shape on the top of the head. The color is dark gray, and the clothes are dark. It feels very close. Do you like this fashion accessory?
    The last fashion accessory to be introduced is a green knit hat(custom winter hats wolesale). The shape of the hat is similar to a triangle and very cute. And the color of green is less useful because of the customary problem, but fashion is there.