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    Which brand of women's sun hat is good?

    • Author:Claire
    • Release on:2019-08-28
    There are many well-known hat brands, but there may not be too many hat brands for women. Among them, well-known and relatively good, ladies hats of Lanshiyu, Li Xiao and VVC are quite good.
    In the summer, the visor is a must-have for ladies. It protects the face from the harmful sun and UV rays, and it can be used as a very good dress. If you want to be a skin guardian that women trust, it is of course impossible to have no hard quality. The women's sunhats of these brands are the visor brands that have been recognized by many ladies. Let's take a look at it. Their visors!
    Lanshi rain visor
    Lan Shiyu is a well-known clothing brand in China. The main products include scarves, scarves, hats, gloves and other apparel products. Lanshiyu visor hats have more styles of fisherman hats, and the design usually combines some female elements like ribbons. , bows, etc. as a decoration. It can bring out the mature and elegant posture of women.
    Li Xiao hat visor
    Li Xiao hat is a hat brand specializing in the women's market. Their hats are also styled and styled with fisherman hats and felt hats. They also have caps and baseball caps. The color of hats is mostly Bright colors and colorful colors are the mainstays, bringing out women's beautiful, sunny and elegant temperament.

    VVC visor
    VVC is a well-known anti-selenium clothing brand, mainly producing all kinds of sun-proof clothing and apparel. The main style of VVC sun visor is empty top hat. It is made of special materials and has excellent sun protection function. The design of solid color is simple and fashionable. It is also a bright, sunny and bright color that can bring out the youthful sunshine and vitality of the ladies Limited health image.
    Of course, there are many other good women's visor brands, both well-known and unknown. In fact, the hat is a piece of accessories in the end, as long as the effect is good to see your own self-intention, no matter what brand it can be said to be good! So if you want to customize the hat style, please feel free to contact us hat manufacturers AungCrown, we are here waiting to provide you with a hat customization service!