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    What you need to know about the sweatshirt

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Corona Aung
    • Release on:2018-11-06
    Loose version, elegant waist belt, pink color, decorated with playful elegance. The lower pendulum is cut irregularly and the tide is full. Even the sleeves design is very chic. It gives a sense of elegance.
    Fantasy in cardboard, sweater with an elegant shape (sweatshirt and sweatshirts for men) coat. Full of tidal feeling. Loose version, casually wear a full tide. A must for street girls.
    The red-red sweater (sweatshirt with logo) can be worn with a black or brown jacket. If it's cold, it can be worn with any high-necked or wide-neck shirt other than green. Many popular Korean scarves and bibs can be popular if you're cold. Meeting.
    In addition to pants, first of all shorts and trousers are the most popular at the moment, especially the denim shorts, but you should do a good job, wear thicker pantyhose or leggings and also wear small jeans. The color is preferably darker.

    Even shoes are very important, snow boots, versatile models, many colors, khaki or black, beige can be elegant and warm. But beware, if you want to show off your long legs, we strongly recommend wearing short boots, below the knee up to the calf, which will look like a long leg.
    Black waistcoat + pink red sweater (sweatshirts suppliers) + denim shorts + thick warm trousers + khaki snow boots
    Black vest + pink red sweater + small feet jeans + snow boots (any color)
    If you wear long hair, you can wear a hat that will be more fashionable.