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    What kind of face baseball cap wearing Korean girls teach you how to look best with

    AUNG GROWN AUNG GROWN 2017-11-09 15:10:10
    Smart and comfortable baseball cap off the trend in the fashion industry, it is very popular in recent years, a single product, fashion with fashion models. So what the baseball cap (custom embroidery snapback cap) for face, how to wear it look good? This is the heart of many MM doubts. Here by the Korean girl for your own demonstration.

    Baseball cap (3d embroidery hats custom) wear and look
    Because black wild, so most MM are used to seeing a black hat, change the color may be unexpected surprises? This metallic hat, full of modernity, hat selection red stitching, the two together, there is no sense of harmony, and wear it, very eye-catching fashion.

    Baseball cap (baseball cap factory china) wear and look 2
    Pink printing hat, a little white snowflake printing, fresh and sweet, full of romantic atmosphere. Letter patterns also added a lot of fashion sense. Originally a full range of leisure products, so with this color, the overall style more diversified.

    Baseball cap wear and match look 3
    This hat is very special fashion. It is the most personalized place in the back of the hat, not the traditional buckle, but the use of black and white printed silk scarves, add a lot of black hat highlights, very stylish wild. Hat buckle in the head, to the front looks like a hair band, very nice.

    Baseball cap wear and look
    Black letters baseball cap, looks very personal. White and red numbers embellishment, very eye-catching, very trendy temperament. Bottom of the brim is also decorated with letters, looks very full, handsome, so casual atmosphere more thick, it looks cool, do you like this Style?