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    What is the use of buying a hat for your baby?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-09-06
    The head of the person is the location of the nerve center of the brain, and the head is the meeting of the yang. Although the skin of the head is thin, the blood vessels and the hair are thick and thick, so the body heat often evaporates from the head. Relevant research data show that about 1/3 of the body's heat is emitted from the head when the temperature is around 15C; when the temperature is around 4C, about 1/2 of the body's heat is emitted from the head; and when the temperature is below minus 10C, there will be 3/4 body heat “runs away” from the head. This shows that the relationship between the head and the body's thermal balance is very large.
    The purpose of wearing a hat is to prevent wind, sand, strong sunlight, and sometimes rain. The average person does not need to wear a hat indoors, and choose a suitable hat according to the weather when going out. And the baby with a hat mainly to protect the sun, shelter from the wind, rain, to resist the cold, it is best to bring it when going out. There are many varieties of hats. According to the season, winter hats, summer hats and spring and autumn hats can be divided into baby hats and boys and girls hats according to the age of the children.
    Many parents can buy a hat as long as they have enough aesthetics, but the baby's wool hat can't be purchased like this, not only beautiful but also comfortable. The baby's skin is relatively tender. Compared with the average children's hat, in terms of fabric selection, it is necessary to choose a soft and comfortable high-end fabric with excellent elasticity. This kind of hat can bring high wearing comfort to the child and avoid hurting the baby. The scalp.

    The baby hat has a personal protective effect on the baby, which can protect the baby from sun, wind, rain and cold. Choose a baby's comfortable hat to give your baby the most intimate care. After the baby is born, the elders will say that they remember to wear a hat for the baby. Why should the newborn wear a hat? That's because 25% of the baby's calories are emitted from the head. The baby's head is rich in blood vessels, and the position is relatively shallow. There is no protection from subcutaneous fat, so wearing a baby hat can keep the body temperature constant. It is very important to bring a suitable baby hat if you take your baby out for a walk.
    The thickness of the baby's hat should be thickened as the temperature drops, but don't use a hat with a raw edge because it will irritate your baby's skin.
    The weather is very hot in summer, you should choose a breathable cool mask, which can block strong sunlight, make your baby's eyes and skin feel cool and comfortable, prevent heatstroke when going out, and have less scorpion; cold weather in winter When the baby goes out or when the temperature is low, the baby should bring a warm and comfortable hat. It can play a role in keeping warm and prevent cold and cold after being blown by the wind. It is also important to reduce the heat of the whole body. Cool, it is also necessary to bring a suitable small single cap to the baby.