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    What is a Polo shirt?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on :2019-02-27
    As one of the classic legends in the history of casual wear, the Polo shirt has always enjoyed a high share in the wardrobe of Western men. The Polo shirt was originally called a tennis shirt. Because when playing tennis, the upper body of the racquet will be twisted constantly, so the design of the Polo shirt is based on the premise that it does not need to be put into the trousers, and has a hem with a small length and a short opening on the side.
    This hem design allows the wearer to avoid the general t-shirt (ie T-shirt) wrinkling due to the long front sway when sitting down. The Polo shirt was originally worn by the nobility when playing polo, probably because of the comfort, they like to wear short-sleeved clothes with collars. Over time, it was called "polo shirt" (polo shirt), and it was popular among the public, so it evolved into a general casual wear.

    In addition, the Polo shirt is like a shirt, but it is more versatile than a shirt. It can be easily matched with your bottoms by choosing Polo shirts of different colors and different patterns, and free to attend any occasion. Unconsciously, Polo shirts have become an indispensable part of men's summer, whether you are mature, lively, or individual, you can match your own style. Therefore, smart men will definitely add a few different color Polo shirts to your wardrobe in the coming summer to add color to yourself.