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    What are the basic knowledge of baseball caps?

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-07-16
    Baseball caps(3d embroidery hats custom) come from the United States and are worn by American athletes when they play baseball. That is quite popular, especially when playing baseball games. Fans also wear a lot of hats that they like. Slowly all kinds of styles have come out. Also raised a lot of brands.

    1. Origin
    The baseball cap is well known for this sport. It was used for sunshade at the beginning, and the long hat extension brought better results to the athletes, so it became more and more popular.

    2. History
    At the beginning, the baseball cap is a special accessory for athletes, used to shade when playing. Later, whether it is cloudy or the sun, as long as the game is worn. Slowly spread around the world.

    3. Entering China
    This baseball cap(custom caps in china) came to China with this sport. This goes back to our railway expert, Mr. Zhan Tianyou, who was studying in the state, and organized the baseball team. Later, when the Chinese came back, they brought it back.

    4, choose
    The baseball cap has the function of sunshade and eye protection, as well as the protection of the temperature of the head and the impact of the impact, as well as the use of decoration. Therefore, it is necessary to wear the beauty when choosing, and to match the clothes and shoes.

    5, the composition
    It consists of the front visor and the top of the cap. The general fabric is made of stretch cotton, which has better sweat absorption and elastic band. The different head types can be adjusted by adjusting the belt. size. The front lining is made of oxford cloth, which can be made with different patterns on it, and it is very delicate.

    The basic knowledge of the baseball cap(high quality hat supplier china) is for everyone to introduce to this end to remind everyone to wash gently with wet hands.