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    Warm hat effects Competition

    • Author:Ryan
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2014-05-05

    Warmhat effects Competition

       Temperatures in Beijing these days is so cold. During the day thesun is shining while the outdoor temperature is no higher than 0 degrees. Thisis a rhythm for everyone to be fully prepared to keep warm ah. Speaking ofcold, warm hat is definitely a tool but can not be less of it. Below let meanalyze what kind of hat keep good warm for everyone.

       Lei Feng cap is warm weapon. Lei Feng is a man everyone known inchina, he serve his life to people all his time to do good things. lei Feng capis not only thick, but also with a lot of fluff , and the design can beextended two more ear protection. Lei Feng cap hat species can be described asthe best of the hat to keep warm .

       Wool cap that is stylish and warm. Inwinter, the proportion of the population wear wool cap is very high .Since thewool cap has a good effect in keeping warm, some wool cap also has the designof protecting the ears, some even sold with a package of scarf. However, thelarge gap of knit wool cap make it not a good windbreak effect , so cold andwindy in the winter the wool cap can only play a little warm keeping. But morepeople wear woolen cap outside considering the warm wool cap has more stylechoices, and also add little funny in dress.

       Woolen hat in winter performs well either. Woolen material caneffectively prevent the cold into the hat, so the hat with the woolen material keepswarm well, Besides the fedora hat is the fashion style in current trends, itwill add more impression on people.

       These hats described above in the winter perform more prominent inkeeping warm. Virtually all of the hats has the effect of keep warm except thesun visor hat, baseball cap, beret cap ,head cap and so on. Some friends do notlike to wear a hat , perennial rely on the hat on clothes to keep warm , theeffect is very good. Hehe. While the hat can be also a good decoration to showyour style.