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    Top 4 popular Hats Styles for the Summer

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-07-28
    We all know that hats are an essential part of summer, so why not get your hat game prepared to handle the heat? We’ve got looks and fits that will keep you cool while the sun beats down.  Here are our top 4 picks:

    Take a look at your dad’s wardrobe and you’re bound to find one of these. The dad caps are similar to baseball caps, but aren’t as firm, have a straighter brim and are usually designed to look slightly worn. Lately, you might have spotted a couple dad caps in fashion editorials from the likes of Balenciaga, Gucci, as well as on the heads of celebrities like Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator or Rihanna.

    The trucker cap is, as the name suggests, the favorite type of headwear of your friendly trucker. The trucker cap is very easy to recognise. It has a mesh on the back, the front part is more square-looking and is a bit larger than the baseball cap. Although the trucker cap was first popularized by, well, truckers, these days they’re worn by everyone – skaters, athletes and your friends.

    The snapback is most popular among skaters and hip-hop fans. And I dare say that the snapback is the one type of cap that divides people between the ones that hate them and the ones that can’t get enough of them. I’m somewhere in the middle, because I don’t look good in them, but I do like snapbacks on other people, so I can happily recommend this straight-brimmed type of cap. The straight brim looks nice and what sets it apart from the fitted is the fact that you can adjust the fastening on the back for a snug fit.

    5 PANEL
    As the name suggests, the number five is key here. The 5 panel cap is divided into five fabric panels. It has a straight brim and isn’t as firm as other caps. Because it’s light and breathable, it’s a great choice for the summer. However, it does have one disadvantage – not everyone looks good in it, so I definitely recommend thoroughly trying these out.

    How to wear a cap
    As you wish. They best accompany sports and informal outfits with jeans, t-shirts, hoodies or jackets. You can’t go wrong with the baseball cap, which fits basically everyone.

    Smart Casual
    Pulling off a baseball cap as part of a smart-casual outfit is something that not so long ago would have been unthinkable. However, it can be done, provided you give some careful thought to the style and material of your headwear.

    Go for something with a little bit of texture and steer clear of logos or emblems of any sort. Suede if you’re thinking timeless, corduroy if you’re looking for something a bit more trend driven. And remember to stick to subtle colours like black, navy and greys in order to keep things grown up and refined.

    Your day-to-day wardrobe is where the baseball cap really shines. It’s arguably the ultimate casual accessory and provides a great way to inject a little colour or texture into an otherwise pedestrian outfit.

    Add a pop of colour with the help of a bright, vibrant piece of headwear and set it off by keeping the rest of your look pared back. Think a plain white tee, selvedge denim and canvas trainers. Then throw on a flannel shirt or lightweight jacket over the top if the weather warrants it.

    Streetwear is such an ambiguous term these days but whether we look at it in its purest sense, or as the high-fashion mashup it has become, the baseball cap is still one of its cornerstone accessories.

    Maximalism may have taken over for now, but that’s not to say that minimalism is finished. To the contrary, the stripped-back aesthetic is still very much alive and well, having cemented its status as a timeless classic as opposed to merely a fleeting trend.

    Incorporating a baseball cap into this type of look is fittingly simple – just go for either neutral, earthy or pastel colours and forgo aungcrown branding.

    Keep the rest of the outfit similarly pared back. Use plain, block colours on your upper half; try dark or black denim/chinos down below; and tie things together with some sleek white leather sneakers – the less detailing the better.

    How to wash your cap
    Not in the washing machine so the brim doesn’t get damaged. It’s best to dip it into warm water mixed with detergent and scrub the dirt off with a sponge or brush.

    General Hat-Washing Tips
    Don’t put caps into the laundry — either the washer or dryer. A high-efficiency washer that doesn’t have a center agitating column can be okay, but even then it has to be cool water on the gentlest cycle, and you also have to be concerned about other clothes in the load squishing the hat’s form. Dryers are too hot, and the tumbling isn’t good for the shape. Better to just avoid the laundry machines altogether.

    Don’t use any products with bleach in them; you want your ballcap colors to stay nice and bright for years to come.

    Dispelling the dishwasher myth. You’ve probably heard you can throw caps in the dishwasher on the top rack. Don’t do that. Dishwasher detergents often include bleach, and the appliance usually runs at high heat (both for washing and drying), which can damage the hat as well.

    Hand-washing is really the best method to retain both the color and shape of the hat.