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    The seven most frequently asked questions about hat customization

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:AungCrown
    • Release on:2019-07-04
    How long does it take to design a hat?
    The design is completed within 2 working days after confirming the model and providing the detailed LOGO. Of course, the specific time will also be adjusted due to the difficulty of the style. Please contact me for details.

    Why are the same hats, the price difference is so big?
    Everyone knows the truth of "one point for one price". The high price is definitely the material and craftsmanship. The reason for owning it is that, just like you buy clothes, you can buy one for 200 yuan, one for 2000 yuan, and the one you buy is definitely not the same.

    How can your company ensure that our hats are not infringed or pirated?
    For the customer's intellectual property rights, aungcrown has strict protection measures (has signed a long-term confidentiality agreement with more than ten major brands at home and abroad). Except as duly authorized or agreed in writing by the customer, we will not display or sell the customer's proprietary hat style on any occasion, including the company's sample room, brochures, stores, and various exhibitions. Similarly, we only produce branded hats with official authorization from customers.

    Is the price quoted by your hat cheap?
    Considering that our target customers value both the price factor and the quality control of the supplier as well as the smooth communication and professional service capabilities of the business. Therefore, we have jumped out of most hat factories and do not pay attention to the quality of the business model, and make a large investment in quality, so we do need higher costs than the general hat factory. However, under the same quality and service level, the hats of the great hat industry are at a medium level.

    What is the minimum order quantity for your company's orders? Can I have a list of 50 hats?
    We accept 50 samples or a small amount of sales samples. In terms of baseball cap orders, aungcrown's bonnet order quantity is usually 25 pieces per color. Because the quantity of fabrics corresponding to this order quantity is the lowest batch value acceptable to the fabric supplier. If it is less than this quantity, the purchase cost of fabrics will be greatly increased, and the production cost and operating cost of our company will also increase exponentially. For you, the purchase price of hats is very uneconomical. Of course, if your budget is sufficient, our company will also consider accepting small orders that are smaller than the above-mentioned MOQ. For details, you can consult our sales staff online through the business hotline. They will give you an exact answer based on the characteristics of your order and the company's production status.

    If you only provide one LOGO, can you help me make a design draft?
    Aungcrown offers a variety of hats on the website, you can choose the type you like, and then provide your logo, we can help you design the hat map.

    Can your company order it?
    We can proof according to the actual sample or design draft provided by you, and you can arrange large-scale production after the sample is confirmed. Aungcrown is a hat factory that has been engaged in hat production for 20 years. It has a professional R&D team, a full-time hat designer and pirate staff, and a skilled production staff.