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    The matching skills for the fashion winter hats

    pearl www.wholesaler-hats.com 2014-12-29 14:42:46

    The matching skills for the fashion winter hats

      We will wear more clothes in Winter, and also more accessories, ,many girls also like to wear hats.But, how will  the hat match with the winter clothing ?now, we will watch how these trendsetter to match hats, we will can learn their matching skills.

      Many people will wear sweater in winter, the most common matching way is to match a shirt inside, the color can be plain, grid,stripe and so on,it will depend on the sweater’s style.And you also can show the collar and the lower herm, it will increase layered.match with the pencil pants and the red flat shoes, and add the white knit hat with the blue patterns, looks warm and sweet in the winter, looks very fashion.

      The black sweater with simple patterns match with the leopard mini skirt, looks very sexy and also sweet.Wear the Over-The-Knee Boots, looks very fashion and lengthy, Add the black billycock, will make you looks more grace.many girls love leopard, and especially the leopard clothing, it is still very popular in this year, leopard is the normal style.