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    The hat accompanies you through the cold winter

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-12-20
    Many people don't like winter, because it is too cold and causes a lot of inconvenience. So how can I not wear a hat when going out in winter? A cold wind blew, and the cold gas poured into the brain, and I couldn't help but shrink my head, and I didn't have the spirit of flying.
    It seems that the waves are not shocking, but turning around makes people shine. The simple knit pattern with a unique overlapping design makes it look like it has a flavor.
    The biggest feature of knitting items is the variety of patterns, and any simple pattern can create a unique style in the hand of the hand-woven woven hand. Although the hollow knit pine needle flower lacks warmth, it is more lively and youthful, just like childhood memories, the simpler and more pure.
    The color of the color is the easiest to embody a happy mood. Many times warm colors make us feel that everything is beautiful.

    In the summer, I like to use the big hat to shade. In winter, I still can't stand the temptation of the hat, but this time it is used to modify the face shape.
    Fur is luxurious or playful, it is the innocence that can't be spent. With the fluffy and versatile fur, the dullness of the Lei Feng Cap is played as a playful and cute, so that the simple colors can be wonderful and unlimited, and the double-layer design ensures the temperature.