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    The fashion people’s cap collocation in Seoul South Korea in early winter

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on :2014-12-23

    The fashion people’s cap collocation in Seoul South Korea in early winter


      I think the winter came quickly, the country entered the winter suddenly with the cold weather though it’s just 1st of December. It was autumn yesterday, but this day is the snow season. Seoul is the same also, the whole country was cold and it’s snowing. However, the fashion street people still dressed in fashion to make a fashion show.


      If it’s Spring or Summer, wear less that is normal. A lot of people might heard that the Korean girls still wear the stockings and short skirt even in cold winter. Yes it’s ture, but the most people weared the warm clothings and hat to keep warm.


      Because of the central heating, a lot of people will take off their coast once they get to the house, so it might looks less wearing. However, there are still some people who persevere sexy and wear the stockings in the street.


      Not only the girls, the boys are also very fashion to wear the fedora and have their own style in winter.


      Winter coat is very popular, Koreans like it also, you’ll see the boys in coat everywhere.


      There are a lot of shopping street and place that the young people gather, such as the avenue in Jiangnan District, the Hongda shopping streets, where there are many fashionable young man with hat.


      Seoul have a lot of place for shopping and taking photos, such as Shopping street in Hongda Jiangnan, Xiaouting shopping street and Ming hole, Hongda shopping etc.


      The places have the characteristic of different shops, and there are a lot of restaurants and carefree coffee shop.


      The Xinshadong avenue is from from Seoul metro line 3 to Xiaou ting with ginkgo tree side on the street, it also called “Artist street”.The all shops are the food shops the designer shops.


      A lot of people go to Mingdong for shopping, but now they are more willing to here. While wearing a bit, but still look fashion. A art center was built at the east gate of Seoul, many fashion events are held there, such as the fashion knitted hat show, the fashion boys and girls will be there. Also you will see many super star or the fashion people, they are the leader of fashion!


      Althoug it’s winter, they are still fashion and look great! So in the fact, no matter which season is, the young people willing to dress up theirselves. Each season there is the different fashion hat show on the stree.