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    The History Of The Development Of Dad Hat

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-07-08
    Though some styles of hats come and go depending on the generation, other classic styles tend to never leave the popular fashion spotlight. The most successful hat types are the most versatile and usable by several groups of people. In explaining the rise of the dad hat, you’ll see why this is a favorite amongst many.

    What Is It?
    In the early days of baseball, players were allowed to wear any style of brimmed hat that kept the sun out of their eyes. Early players often wore straw or pillbox hats. It wasn’t until 1858 that players began wearing the rounded, wide-brimmed hats we see today. The Brooklyn Excelsiors are credited with wearing the first baseball caps, and the ball cap evolved into the many styles we see today.

    It wasn’t until the late 1970s that the baseball cap became a fashion accessory that was socially acceptable to wear outside of the ballpark. With the advent of MTV in the 1980s, the baseball cap became associated with rap and hip hop groups, a legacy that continues to this day. Dad hats evolved from the traditional snapback hats worn by baseball players and have developed their own culture in recent years.

    What’s the origin of the name “dad hat?”
    Have you ever wondered where the name dad hats came from? Well, this is your time to get enlightened. A lot of people think that the name of dad hats came from the hats being invented by a cool dad. This notion is not true at all.

    Being a fashion trend initially reserved for the adult men generated the name “dad hats.” The hats were popularly worn by middle-aged men.

    What materials are used to make dad hats?
    Dad hats are mostly made of canvas or cotton. The stiff and sturdy brims are usually lined using buckram. The crown of structured dad hats is also stiffened using buckrams.

    There are, however, dad hats that are made of a blend of many other materials. Corduroy dad hats are also fashionable. Other fabrics that are used to make dad hats include polyester, wool, and linen.

    Wood and cardboard are sometimes used to stiffen the brim of dad hats. Rubber or Lycra may be used to make the bands that ensure your cap does not fall off.

    A Curved Brim
    A pre-curved brim is one of the defining features of a dad hat. Mens snapback trucker hats are often stiffer and have either a flat bill or a slightly pre-curved visor. The curved brim of the dad hat tends to look good on everyone.

    Relaxed Fit
    A dad hat exudes a relaxed vibe. Dad hats are typically made out of soft cotton or canvas and feel very light and comfortable on the head. Snapbacks tend to have a large, in-your-face look, but dad hats are more subtle and are designed to both look and feel comfortable.

    The Design
    Dad hats have an unstructured body and oftentimes a simple design and faded appearance. Unlike the blazing logos and wild designs of trucker hats and snapbacks, dad hats often feature a small logo, embroidered design, or no logo at all. You’ll get the most wear out of your dad hat if you stick to simple colors like olive, navy, black, and charcoal gray like this scout hat.

    The Closure
    Dad hats often come with a velcro or slide closure and they typically come as one size fits most. Some dad hats may also come in the snapback style.

    The Style
    The genius of dad hats is they aren’t necessarily supposed to match your look. Dad hats are just meant to be thrown on and they are intentionally made to look laid back and comfortable. They’re the perfect style for outdoor activities and leisure like fishing, camping and hiking. Dad hats look the best with khakis, jeans, and sweats - really any casual style that matches the laid-back vibe of the hat.

    Where, when, and how to use dad hats
    Dad’s hats are versatile. You can rock them on different occasions and for various purposes. Top of the reasons people use dad hats for is as discussed below;

    Protection. The full and slightly curved brim of dad hats is an ideal way to protect yourself from the scorching sun rays in the summer. The rim safeguards your face from sunburns, harmful UV rays, and your eyes from excess light.

    Fashion. Dad hats are a fashionable way to spice up your style. A lot of people wear them to take their street style a notch higher. You will notice them in malls, colleges, and any casual setting.

    Hair protection and managing. Dad hats have been used recently to conceal hair during bad hair days. Besides, you can use dad hats to gather your hair in a pony, especially during workouts. This way, you are sure to eliminate distractions from hair while jogging or to hit the gym.

    Explaining the rise of the dad hat is fascinating since it hasn’t seen a fall. Most hat styles fluctuate in and out of current trends, yet this classic cap has remained consistently popular. Consider the ways you can make such a common clothing item unique to you.