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    Six factors that affect the custom price of hats

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2019-09-11
    When we look for hat manufacturers, custom hats, the most intuitive hat quality and price, we all need good quality and low price. What are the high-priced products, but what are the factors that affect the custom price of hats?
    Hat style affects hat custom price
    (1) hat style;
    The difficulty of the hat style is one aspect that affects the price. The style of the hat determines the craft requirements and process of the hat, the more complex the style, the longer the production cycle, and of course the price will increase.
    Hat fabric affects hat custom price
    (2) Hat Mask (this is the main factor affecting the custom price of the hat);
    The cost of hat fabrics accounts for the largest proportion of custom-made hats. The fabrics of hats cover the wide range of garments, but they cannot be ignored. The common fabrics of hats are cotton fabrics, polyester-cotton fabrics, denim fabrics, velvets, knittings, etc. Said that the price of the most expensive cotton, polyester and cotton are the cheapest, some special industries, custom work caps, such as: electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, food factory, cosmetics factory, aerospace, etc., their requirements for fabrics Strict, anti-static fabric with anti-static wire must be used; for example: oilfield, petrochemical, gas station, chemical, fire-fighting and other fabrics that need flame retardant, these special fabrics are more expensive than ordinary fabrics.
    Hat accessories requirements will affect the hat custom price
    (3) Hat accessories requirements;
    In addition to the need for a large number of fabrics, the accessories are also essential, such as tail buckles, sweat bands, gas eyes, hoes, trademarks, outer packaging, etc. In terms of tail buckles, there are copper buckles, iron buckles, and seven-hole discharges. A variety of designs, such as full sealing, the corresponding quotations for different accessories are different, and can be flexibly selected according to actual needs.

    Hat craft requirements will affect the hat custom price
    (4) Hat process requirements;
    The hat is good, look at the material, and look at the craft. Commonly there are embroidery, printing, screen printing, patching, flocking, washing, grinding, hot drilling, etc. The corresponding quotations for different capping process requirements are not the same, for example: in general, the same pattern, Embroidered LOGO is more expensive than printed LOGO. For example, the size of the LOGO pattern area will also affect the final offer, depending on the actual demand.
    Hat custom quantity affects hat custom price
    (5) The number of custom hats (the more the quantity, the lower the cost and the lower the price);
    The order quantity also has a certain influence. The more the quantity, the cost of purchasing fabrics, accessories, design and plate making are all spread out, and some of the expenses can be shared, and the price will be relatively low. Moreover, Dongguan New Interpretation Clothing Co., Ltd., the amount of hat customization will be refunded, and the total cost will also fall.
    Delivery date on time, Dongguan new interpretation
    (6) Factors such as delivery date
    The tighter the delivery time and the higher the price, because our new interpretation of the hat factory orders are always saturated. If the goods are urgent, we need to redistribute the process of each link, which will disrupt the already arranged order, so also Will affect the price.