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    Precautions for custom hats in Shenzhen

    2019-02-18 17:07:02
    Precautions for custom hats in Shenzhen, hat wholesale and other products and clothing wholesale similar, in the exchange with hat wholesalers and hat manufacturers have a lot of needs to pay attention to the place, the following crown Xing for you to share some of how to make hats custom notes.

    1, the quality of the hat to be reliable.
    Because the hat is to sell to consumers, so in the quality of the hat must be very careful, in the selection of hats as far as possible to choose large manufacturers, large manufacturers in the quality and style of hats will be guaranteed.

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    2, the model and the real style to correspond.
    In the wholesale hat when the general factory will provide a sample, if the sample to meet the manufacturers will be bulk production, which requires in the hat wholesale demand to pay attention to the manufacturer's supply of the model and the actual style is consistent. 3, wholesale hot selling style of the hat. In the wholesale hat should pay attention to the wholesale and the time season in line with the style, choose the hot hat wholesale, so that the consumer will attract to buy. Pay attention to the current trend of wind direction, pick a very strong sense of the trend of the hat. In addition to the above hat customization of some tips, in the hat wholesale problem there are many needs to pay attention to, such as transportation, delivery time and volume of goods and so on.

    Sellers need a lot of attention when making hats wholesale. Shenzhen Aungcrown Co., Ltd., is a production and processing customization of various types of high-quality hat industry manufacturers, set processing, design plate making, R & amp; D as one of the strength of enterprises. Can produce all kinds of high-end golf caps, advertising caps, travel caps, baseball caps, fashion caps, fisherman hats and other products.