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    Popular Custom Embroidered Caps You Need To Know

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2021-01-28
    There’s no denying that a classic, sleek hat brings an entirely new level of badassery to a look, and certainly will add character to your ecommerce store product range.

    Are you ordering custom caps for your customers? Are you a little overwhelmed by the style choices? If so, you are not alone. Our customers often ask us about the difference between cap styles—which caps are the most popular and which ones look best with a custom embroidered design? Per your request, here are the top five most popular custom embroidered caps we sell along with everything you need to know to choose right one for your group.

    We’ll go through the entire process of creating your own custom-embroidered hat from beginning to end – from choosing a hat type and making embroidery-friendly designs to creating an embroidery file and, perhaps, even ordering a sample hat for yourself. What’s more, there are some free downloadable embroidery graphics at the end to get you started.

    Choose the right hat
    You probably know that not everyone can pull off wearing a top hat. And, honestly, there’s no need – there are plenty of hat options for you to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones, and the reasons why it might be the right hat for you and your store.

    So, what exactly is a snapback? Well, the main thing you should know is that it’s one of the most popular hat types out there, so it’s well worth considering for your store or wardrobe.

    Snapbacks are five or six panel hats with a wide, flat brim and an adjustable snap on the back (hence the name). Their ancestor is the baseball cap, but nowadays snapbacks have evolved into a symbol of urban culture and youth style.

    And your designs should definitely take this association into account. What’s more, snapbacks usually have a high profile (more on that a bit later), which usually allows a higher design.

    Snap Backs- Snap back caps come in both 5 and 6 panels styles. They fit different size heads thanks to the addition of an adjustable snap closure on the back. These caps have come back into style in a big way and can be worn either forward or backward. See my previous blog for how to wear a custom snap back cap stylishly.

    Dad hats
    If youth culture is not your target audience, there’s a less in-your-eyes version – the dad hat. These caps usually have a rounded brim, and a lower profile for your designs.

    Dad Hats- Dad hats are typically looser-fitting six-panel-caps that are made from canvas or cotton. The current “dad hat” trend calls for a slightly curved brim. The dad hat name comes from (no brainer here) dads over the past decades who have chosen to wear comfy caps. Now it’s a fashion statement.

    Trucker caps
    Trucker hats usually have a mesh paneling and a high dome area, as well as a flat brim. This cap actually has a fascinating history, since in the beginning they were mostly used as promotional hats given away for free at various events.

    But since the early 2000s the cap has entered mainstream fashion circles. So while the correlation with a freebie has been broken, companies still tend to use trucker caps to promote their businesses. And that’s always a great opportunity for bulk orders!

    Trucker Caps- Pair the five-panel-cap with a mesh back and a stiffer foam front panel, and you have for what is commonly referred to as a trucker style cap. The name “trucker cap” first took hold when farming supply companies began giving away these relatively low-cost caps to truck drivers and farmhands as a way of raising brand awareness. Today, trucker caps have become a fashion statement. Choose custom embroidered or screen-printed trucker hats if you are looking for both value and cutting edge style.

    Bucket hats
    When the world got a little tired of the seemingly million types of baseball cap variations, they turned to… the fishermen community!

    Yup, that’s right. The bucket hat started as an accessory to fisherman, but now has taken the world by storm and is worn by celebrities and models all over the world. What’s more, the trend is predicted to continue to rise in 2019 as well.

    So if your customers like to mix it up a little, this is the go-to hat to put your custom embroidered designs on.

    For those of us living in the colder climates, comfort sometimes has to take precedence over style. But why not have both? After all, that’s what beanies are for.

    Beanies are warm, comfy, and you can really play with your designs throughout the year, since they make the perfect Christmas gift. Besides, you can always engage with your customers by starting the great “pom pom or no pom pom” debate.

    Another sporting community favorite – the visor. Most often associated with tennis and other outdoor activities, this crownless hat is best known for its functionality, since it protects the face from the sun.

    That’s why design-wise it makes sense to stick with sports-themed graphics which would appeal to outdoor activity enthusiasts.

    Still not sure which hat to choose? In the end, it all boils down to your own preferences, your brand image, and, perhaps most importantly, that type of hat that best suits your designs and target audience.

    Make your designs embroidery-friendly
    Or rather, how to design a super cool custom-embroidered hat.

    Many store owners make the same mistake, over and over again. They take one of their designs (that maybe worked really well on t-shirts), and they try to put it on hats. But depending on the design, it can be a big mistake.

    Embroidery is an entirely different beast compared to direct-to-garment printing. For that reason, it requires an entirely different approach to creating a successful design. Here are some key elements to keep in consideration when designing your custom hat embroidery designs.

    As always, keep in mind that your designs have to follow our Acceptable Content Guidelines.