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    Man long scarf + scarf is perfect match

    • Author:pearl
    • Source:www.wholesaler-hats.com
    • Release on:2014-12-19

    Man long scarf + scarf is perfect match

    Core tip: instruction: winter is a cold season, the cold weather will bring the depressive feeling to person’s psychology, man hat scarf want you getting warmer in winter, some accessories can achieve a goal! Below our director will share with you a hat and scarf with good-looking!


    A collocation method: gray long scarf knitting hat + + black leather coat

      Leather coat with balck beanies hats show super fashion and personality, all show boys youth and sunshine. Wear a long grey scarf at the edge of the neck add a little trend immediately!

    Collocation method 2: red wool scarf + black woolen cloth coat + little festival hat

    Black woolen cloth in a long coat with casual pants is leisure and natural collocation, wearing a red scarf, not only can brighten your whole modelling, and a kind of warm feeling.

    Collocation method 3: colored cotton long scarf + small suit + hat

      Colored cotton and linen long scarf simple collocation brown long sleeves is very stylish handsome, all show a man’s elegant sunshine, deserve to go up again small suit,highlight mature man!

    Color collocation method 4: spell long scarf + beige long sleeve + grey knitted cap

      javascript:void(0);/*1418960254187*/Spell color long scarf, implicit elegant, collocation of long beige long sleeves is very handsome,tall an straight, British moire patterns of scarf, broke the base color is depressing, fashion classic!