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    Ladies, Here Are The Rules On How To Wear A Hat

    • Author:Claire
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2018-09-07
    Hats just might be the only fashion accessory that men know more about than women. It’s just so tricky for us females — sometimes we want to just throw on a baseball cap like the guys, but it’s not so easy. Can you wear one with a dress? What about leather pants? Should you even bother wearing one at all?

    The answer is yes, you can wear a hat — as long as it’s worn correctly. A hat can be that one accessory that sets you apart, whether you’re at a formal event or you’re just running some errands. Here, we’ve laid out the rules for how to properly wear a hat for girls, as demonstrated by celebs (of course).

    DO purchase a leather baseball cap. Selita Ebanks understands that the sophisticated nature of the leather elevates the typical cap for more dressed-up items like dresses and boots.
    DON’T wear a Batman baseball hat on the red carpet. Fivel Stewart: Let’s try to put some effort into getting dressed up at night, shall we?
    DO sport a beanie with a leather skirt, sneakers and bold lipstick. Rihanna’s bright red lipstick keeps the beanie from looking too lazy, and it makes her nighttime outfit look pulled-together.

    DON’T wear a beanie on the red carpet. Sorry Ashley Benson, we generally believe beanies shouldn’t be worn to formal events, much less red carpets.
    DO wear a woven hat with a good pair of worn-in jeans and a simple white blouse. Jennifer Aniston and Kylie Minogue get the point: This. Is. The. Perfect. Spring. Daytime. Outfit.
    And... DO wear a casual woven hat with a flowy patterned sundress. If you’re going to a picnic or an outdoor party, wear exactly what Miranda Kerr is wearing here.
    DON’T wear a strange black woven cap with “ears” to a red carpet event. This hat makes AnnaLynne McCord look childish.
    DO throw on a dark brown wide-brimmed fedora to break up your all-black outfit. Vanessa Hudgens knows it’s the perfect thing to wear when you want to hide from the paparazzi (which we’re sure you all do).
    DON’T match your fedora too perfectly with your all-brown outfit. This hat didn’t accentuate June Ambrose’s look — it made it way too matchy-matchy.
    DO wear a floppy felt hat with a fall-inspired look. Suki Waterhouse’s topper adds a great final touch to her crop top and long camel coat.