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    Knowing More About The Importance Of Winter Hats

    • Author:aungcrown
    • Source:Aung Crown
    • Release on:2020-11-19
    Ideally, the weather would stay just at 80.6 degrees F. At that temperature, the naked, resting human body is "thermoneutral": the heat it generates matches the heat lost to the air around it.

    But we're not as thermostatically sensitive above the neck as we are below it. Blood vessels in the surface of the head constrict very little in response to cold, which is a good thing because the brain needs a steady supply of blood. There's little subcutaneous fat for insulation. As a result, even if the rest of your body is nicely wrapped up, if your head is uncovered you'll lose lots of body heat — potentially up to 50% of it — in certain cold-weather conditions. What's more, a cold head can trigger blood vessel constriction in the other parts of the body, so it can make your hands and feet feel cold even if you are wearing mittens and warm socks and shoes.

    The solution, of course, is a hat and, if it's really cold and you want to really stay warm, maybe one of those face-covering balaclavas (check out our website for more information about balaclavas). Wool is a good insulating fabric because it traps air, but not if it gets wet. These days, warm hats are made of polyester fleece that repels water. Some of the warmest have some protection against the wind around the ears but allow moisture to evaporate through the crown.

    Winter hats are great products to use to keep our heads warm especially during the cold days of winter. It’s hard to survive or even go out in the open without a hat to keep your head cozy.

    There are a lot of garments that can help you manage the cold. There are boots, jackets, caps, sweaters and so much more. But, those can be all made of different materials. Do you know the best type of material to use to battle winter.

    The Great Benefits of Using Quality Winter Hats
    You will enjoy the significant benefits of using quality winter hats. You don’t have to knit for one. Buy those that are made of real fur and not faux. One of the benefits of using the product is that it works against the cold.

    Hat Keeps Your Entire Body Warm
    Woman With Winter Scarf You’ve made all this effort to buy a high-quality pair of merino wool long johns, the best down mid layer a top of the line outer layer to stay warm in the bitter cold of the back-country.  You are all ready to go on your next winter adventure.  Gloves? Check.  Glove Liners? Check.  Fancy socks? Check.  Boots? Check.  Hat? Uhhhh. That’s what I thought.

    What good are all those layers, if all your body heat is escaping through your neck, ears and head? We all know layering is important to staying warm, but it’s only effective if you have every square inch of your skin covered or protected from the harsh and unforgiving winter weather.  In fact, some outdoor guides will tell you if your feet start to feel a little frigid, you should put on hat.  Make sure those ears are covered too.  Your ear canals are a direct route for cold air to enter your body.  By covering your ears, you will block the cold weather from even getting close to your body!

    Wearing the appropriate layers from head to toe, will make sure you stay warm and you survive your next outdoor adventure.  However, you want to make sure to always go for breathable hat- that allows sweat and moisture to ventilate, without letting out body heat.  A breathable hat will prevent you from getting overheated.  If you get overheated, you may be tempted to take your hat of.  While it may feel good in the moment to expose your hot head to cool weather, you can actually lose too much body heat.
    Speaking of well-protected, a winter headband or hat will help shield you from those UV rays you probably don’t think about quite as much when it’s cold out. While it may not seem like sun can be as damaging on a snow-soaked landscape as it is on a sand-soaked one–well–it is. Perhaps even more.

    It’s pretty easy to want to throw a winter hat on when it looks as good as it does. A stylish beanie is the perfect accent to winter outfits for male and female outdoor enthusiasts alike. A range of styles, colors, branding and personalization options abound, delivering something for everyone. Colorado pride? We’ve got you covered. Channeling your inner child with an ode to Frosty? Also covered. Get it? Good.

    Also good–check that, pretty great–is the comfortable fit a winter beanie offers. The snugness to your head provides warmth and protection from the sun and a bad hair day. On the latter, in all seriousness, a well-fitted winter cap is great for guys or gals with longer hair so they can focus on hitting the trail or pounding the pavement without worrying about hair getting in the way.

    Preventing Frostbite
    Frostbite Wearing a winter hat reduces your risk of frostbite.  Frostbite is a medical condition where exposed tissue crystalizes and freezes- literally.  Frostbite most often affects hands, fingers, feet, toes, ears, nose and cheeks. When it’s really cold outside, our body tends to focus it’s heat on the core, to keep your vital organs warm.  That means it’s up to you to keep those hands, feet and head warm.  Of course, you’re still getting warm blood to those areas, it’s just not as much as you’d like.

    Preventing Hypothermia
    Hypothermia Every year, more than 700 people die in the United States from hypothermia.  In most cases, this serious medical condition is preventable.  Quite often you will hear rescue guides attribute hypothermia cases to the clothing the victim wasn’t wearing. Either the victim was wearing cotton- which can actually kill you in cold weather or they weren’t wearing the right layers.

    At least your head will be warm and cozy during the harsh cold weather. The material is also great for the skin. For sensitive skin, fur may be better. There are also varieties for kids. Everyone can make use of the product.